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2/7/2012 10:43:29 am

Can you give the candidates stance on the Second Amendment. I hear alot of contradicting info from them or they do not discuss the topic.

2/7/2012 01:15:21 pm

Barack Obama has viciously attacked 2nd Amendment rights, but he has done so quietly, behind-the-scenes, and by regulation and BATFE abuses. He's quiet now, but if he gets re-elected, it'll be open season on the 2nd Amendment. Read more about it here:

As usual, Mitt Romney has flip-flopped on this issue. As Governor of Mass., he had solid record of pursuing gun control measures. He stated that his views did not line up with the NRA. However, after initiating his Presidential campaign in 2007, Governor Romney joined the NRA with a lifetime membership. He asserted in a taped speech that he supported second amendment rights for all legal purposes, including the common defense. Romney will say anything to get elected. His record shows he is NOT a defender of the 2nd Amendment. Read more about it here:

Newt Gingrich is a little better than Obama and Romney regarding 2nd Amendment rights, but he is ultimately not trustworthy. He has been vocally supportive of second amendment rights and his campaign statements and literature call for no restraints on second amendment rights. However, Speaker Gingrich's record is mixed with a great deal of support for gun control legislation. While in Congress, Gingrich voted against the 1993 Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act that was eventually enacted and required background checks for those purchasing firearms. However, three years later while acting as Speaker of the House, Gingrich brought to the floor and voted in favor of an Omnibus spending bill that contained two pieces of legislation to curtail second amendment rights. Read more about it here:

Like Gingrich, Rick Santorum has a mixed record on the 2nd Amendment. Some of Santorum's record indicates that he supports 2nd Amendment rights. In 1993, Senator Santorum voted against the Brady Bill. In 2004, he also voted against an extension of the Assault Weapons ban, and against an amendment to require background checks at gun shows. On the other hand, much of Senator Santorum's record shows support for gun control to deter crime. In 1997, he voted for an omnibus spending bill that included the Domestic Violence Offender Gun Ban. Santorum's inconsistency makes him untrustworthy regarding 2nd Amendment rights. Read more about it here:

Basically, only Ron Paul is really strong on the 2nd Amendment:

“Ron Paul has been a leader in the fight to defend and restore the Second Amendment.” – Larry Pratt, Executive Director, Gun Owners of America

“No member of Congress pays more attention to Second Amendment issues than Dr. Ron Paul.” – Dudley Brown, Executive Director, National Association for Gun Rights

As a congressman, Ron Paul has never once voted for any piece of legislation that would infringe on gun owners’ rights or weaken the Second Amendment.

The inalienable right to keep and bear arms is not only essential to a free society, but it is the guardian of every other right.

During his time in Congress, Ron Paul has worked tirelessly to restore the Second Amendment rights of all Americans by:

* Introducing legislation to repeal the “Brady Bill” and the so-called “Assault Weapons Ban.”

* Authoring legislation to end U.S. membership in the anti-gun United Nations to ensure American tax dollars are not used to fund global gun control schemes like the so-called “Small Arms Treaty.”

* Writing a bill that would allow pilots and specially trained law enforcement personnel to carry firearms in order to protect airline passengers and help prevent future 9/11-style attacks.

With our gun rights under constant attack from our own government and the anti-gun United Nations, as well as the threat of rising crime due to our country’s economic woes, Congressman Paul believes it has never been more important that our President be 100% committed to defending our God-given right to keep and bear arms.

In Congress, Ron Paul has stood as a champion for law-abiding gun owners, and he will continue protecting your Second Amendment rights as President.

Max Dragonard
2/9/2012 07:50:19 am

I agree with a lot that I've read on the site. However, since the Federal Reserve was created on December 23, 1913 with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, how could Abraham Lincoln possibly have been assassinated for challenging it?

2/9/2012 09:18:32 am

You're correct that the Federal Reserve was formed in 1913. However, some believe that Lincoln may have been assassinated, because he was trying to stop "the Rothschild interests" from creating a Central Bank in the U.S. It is said the Rothschilds were among the primary owners of the Federal Reserve at its inception. For more info., watch this video:

And, visit this site:

Of course, all of this is conspiratorial. I don't know if there is any hard evidence that the Presidents I mentioned were killed (or attempts were made on their lives), because of their efforts to thwart central banking. However, I find it quite interesting that all of them did try in one way or another to do so. And, after learning about the history of the Federal Reserve, I would not be surprised if it were all true.

I made some clarifications in the text, because of your question. Thank you.

Graeme Krone
2/17/2012 03:10:51 am

I have been a Dr. Paul supporter since 1988. I have never seen a better article than the one I just read. I will be sharing this with everyone I know.
Zen, fantastic work my friend, Dr. Paul could not of said it better himself! I am very proud of both of you!! Sounds like you would be a great asset for Dr. Paul' cabinet!
Thank you sooo much for all your hard, time consuming work you did for all of us!!
This is the first and only time I have ever posted a comment on the internet (55 y/o), but your article had to be given all the credit it deserves!!!
Thanks so much, you are a true Patriot and American

2/17/2012 03:19:40 am

Thank you very much for your support, Graeme! It's comments like yours that make the effort especially satisfying. And, thank you for spreading the word about the site! I created it (and continue to update it) as a tool for all patriots to use. I truly believe if we can spread the truth about the candidates, then most people will have a paradigm shift and open their eyes and hearts to Dr. Paul's message. All the best to you.

2/17/2012 12:28:57 pm

Zen: As an independent thinker myself, I attempt to sift through the propaganda and understand the issues, as well as hold a candidate's position up to a light based on their political history, as well as history itself, within an objective, fact-based context. Your site has done just that! I believe that many, however, lack the time, patience, and perhaps even capacity and aptitude to correlate all of the events and information to really follow where Ron Paul's message is rooted from. Furthermore, as I'm sure you well know, the MSM is certainly going to continue to either ignore, radicalize, marginalize, and/or ridicule the actual depth and strength of RP's support base to curtail momentum. That being said, I also know that the RP R[̲̅ə̲̅٨̲̅٥̲̅٦̲̅]ution can still prevail via the ripple effect of many individual efforts, and I will actively and shamelessly distribute this site to educate those I have influence over to help them understand exactly how and why Dr. Paul is the only candidate to vote for in these critical times. Thank You for your contribution, and all the best.

2/17/2012 10:16:24 pm

Thank you kindly, Geo! I very much appreciate you promoting the site. Unfortunately, you are right about the establishment's marginalization of Dr. Paul. All we can do is our best to find ways around the blackouts. This site represents one of them. I hope there will be many more to come. Regarding time and effort... You're right - it's an investment just like any other. We can't make people care enough about the future of this country to dig deep and uncover the facts. It has to come from them somehow. But we'll be there waiting to help them understand when they're ready! Thank you for supporting Dr. Paul! Best regards.

2/25/2012 11:52:13 am


This was the most comprehensive treatise I have read of all the salient reasons for supporting Ron Paul at all costs. I have forwarded this to all those I communicate with. I hope this site "goes viral".

My congratulations and best wishes for your continuing patriotic efforts.

2/25/2012 12:51:37 pm

Thank you very much, Jeff. I put in time everyday to promote this webpage on Facebook, YouTube and a slew of news sites. That's about as close to "viral" as I can get it on my own. :) Any help you give by sharing it with those you know is greatly appreciated. Best wishes to you as well.

Arie Weissmann
3/3/2012 04:37:07 pm

Please add this link under the "Links" tab in your website:

3/4/2012 12:51:45 am

Done. Thank you.

5/2/2012 03:55:56 am

Hey, good site, leaving it for my obamabot friends who are unconvinced(I want them to know the truth, even if they continue to deny it)... did you know the communist party pretty much endorsed Obama around August of last year? Might make a good note of it... they endorsed him in his senate bid and his 2008 presidential bid, as well... looks like they like their almost-socialist brother in arms.

5/2/2012 11:41:39 pm

Thanks, spanzanaut. I appreciate you spreading the word about the site. I did not know the Communist Party endorsed Obama, but I'm not surprised. Thanks for the link to that article. Be well.

6/22/2012 02:07:28 am

I had no idea it was so easy to create a free blog here at Weebly, thanks.

6/24/2012 04:19:47 am

My pleasure! Hopefully, you put it to good use in the cause of liberty.


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